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Ultra Exotic Version of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series

The unexpected package
The upgraded SLS AMG Black Series is all set to shake the market with its latest features and stylish looks. This series with a little change in the aerodynamic and mechanical fields provides a stunning appearance than the standard SLS AMG series along with keeping the racing spirits high and alive. The 622 horsepower SLS AMG Series has recently powered-up Gullwing Coupe’s public image recently in Los Angeles auto show later this month. 2013 Mercedes SLS AMG
SLS Black Series is epic
Indeed the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series prove to be an epic because of its advanced features in every new model it introduces to us. So let’s take a look of this marvelous piece by the German Engineers.
Can you imagine your car running at a speed of 8000 rpm? Then you better start as the V8 now revs to 8000 rpm instead of 7200 rpm, the highest by any AMG model. God knows where we will reach in a swish!
The massive strength of this master piece is its 6.2 L engine which is capable of 622 HP4468 lb-ft or torque with a top speed of 196 MPH.
Strong Michelin tyres which give the car a tough and sporty look with 10 spoke forged rims although it is obvious you need to take control of the speed around the corners.
Interior look of the car gives you a “in your face” attitude and the flat bottomed look of the steering wheel gives an alarmed notice of where the wheels are all the time.

The totally cool and controlled madnesslook of the 2014 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series is on its way and going to crush you all down on the race field.Only in the hands of a true and competent driver will the SLS AMG shine to its best.


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