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Dually Hauler is Now Slowly Gaining the Popularity Because of its New Parts

Dually Hauler has now come up with great news and that is the winner of the SEMA contest which is one of the popular shows that you can ever come across. This show hold so many great and new concepts of car in which the judges decided on all the factors and makes up the decision. The car is currently honored with a good display at Las Vegas Convention Center.
Know the Dually Hauler
Dually Hauler is known for the ultimate design and style which it offers this man looking machine has got an amazing engine part which gets it going. It comes with so many features that would certainly keep your mouth wide open. Certainly taking a test drive is worth when it comes of this car.
Features that would amaze you
Braked and spindles are made from Ford Super Duty
Receiver Hitch
The design is based on 1930-31 Ford Model A trucks
Air Bags
The engine comes with Lincoln 460 V8 c6 transmission
Work Lights
Comfortable seating
Easy to drive steering wheels
Comfortable pedals
What made it Popular?
With so many features and amazing styles, there is no doubt why this car becomes so popular and won SEMA awards. The car was designed by some of the popular talents in the creative fields who successfully managed to show their innovation amazingly. Certainly thumbs up to this fine example of driving.
The focus of SEMA awards was to hunt the creative performances who can work and play with it aftermarket and looking at this car, certainly they have found the right one. However, another great plus point of this car was its updating. The car was upgraded before the launch by completely changing the look and suspension from the scratch and made it better. So grab the opportunity to take up the test drive. Aren’t you tempted?


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