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Luca Bar Imagines the First Lotus Motorcycle

There are millions of people around the world who are crazy about bikes.  They love spend a lot of time in racing with their motorcycles. There are even many people who have stated that there is nothing more fun than riding motorbikes in the highways. The people find them lost in adventure. Few people also think that riding bikes is more fun that driving a car. According to them the skills associated with riding a bike are greater than those with any other vehicles. Some of the people are so crazy about bikes that they try to get most of the popular models. Some of the people are able to afford them as soon as they come out in the market. Keeping the craze about bikes among the common people the motorcycle manufacturing companies are coming up with great models every now and then.

Some interesting facts about the Lotus Bike

This is the first light weight bike that the company is coming up with. The officials of the company are determined about the success of this model.
It is a 150kW bike.
The body is made up with a combination of aerospace-grade steel, carbon and titanium.
The Lotus racing technology has been also integrated into the bike.
The bike has been painted in the popular black and gold color scheme.

The bikes that are available in the market these days are of various types. When the people are looking for bikes with small engines and having very less weight the name of the company that strikes in the people at first is Lotus. Though the bikes are light they are able to offer the speed that the people are looking for. There is no other better choice of enhancing the knowledge and skill of biking than including this bike in the choice. The company is planning to bring out a new range of two wheelers known as the Lotus Bikes.

Integral Part of any High-performance Vehicle

The spoiler is an integral part of any high-performance vehicle. If you want your vehicle to perform at its best, you should definitely consider installing custom style spoilers. This is because they reduce the opposing force that is pushing against your vehicle by disrupting the airflow around it in a particular way. This enables your vehicle to move more efficiently. Spoilers from are extremely important if you want to reach high speeds when driving, but they also improve your vehicle by making it look more edgy.

For Once Lamborghini Misses its Mark

Lamborghini as we all know is a classic car maker company. For many years it has built cars for speed as well as luxury.  Lamborghini cars are the cars meant for the rich and famous. They are all sparkly and futuristic looking, suave and loaded with features. Added to all this is the fact that the cars are highly customizable giving its buyers a unique car experience of a completely different level. The staple of this car making company for quite some time has been the iconic car, the Lamborghini Gallardo. For a while this has been the most selling car of the luxury car maker.
Talking about its Design
The design in question is the made surprisingly by the German developer ATS Automotive. The package is called the Galaxy Warrior package.
This design of the most selling car from the Lamborghini stables has been called the ugliest Lamborghini ever. This though has not stopped the design and the package from becoming a rage all over Europe.
The most perplexing and sad thought is that the Lamborghini 50 Anniversario decals is placed on this creepy creation. Surprisingly though this car comes with a TUV certificate.
How does it enter the stage?
The Lamborghini Gallardo comes with a whole lot of special editions. This is another one of the trademarks of the company. Some of these are the LP570-4 Super TrofoeStradale, LP550-2 Tricolore and the Spyder. These entire have their unique styles and design specs. In their own way all look pretty amazing. The twin-turbo engine can be added to this car after it has been bought. This can make the car one of the coolest things on the road.
However for a car so celebrated and popular there has been what can be called an overkill of body modifications and special editions. Body design of the car has had some very bad days.

Europe has Become Hot Spots of Cars in the World

You cannot disagree from the fact that today, Europe is considered as one of the popular spots where a lot of cars and their different models are seen. A wide variety of cars ranging from latest models to antique models can be witnessed there.
What is Car Modification or tuning?
The unique models can also be referred as modified cars which are very popular among the car lovers and youngsters. It is becoming a trend now to modify some of the car features like body, wheels, engine or any other part to increase the car efficiency or the looks.
This is done because everyone desires to own a car with a daunting body and advanced specifications. Some of the pre installed aspects or features are modified or replaced with other which an owner wishes.
These modifications can be done with wheels to reduce or increase the weight of the car, with body to enhance car’s appearance, with suspension system or engine to alter performance, etc.
Europe as a continent of cars because:
With the increasing number of trendy cars with splendorous features, Europe can be soon seen as the future’s continent for cars as today it is a much known spot for expensive and tuned cars.
People willing to buy a car or transform its features are being attracted to Europe because of various deals offered and its expertise of modification.
Apart from common and expensive models, many unique or tuned models can be seen running on the roads.

Are Light Weight Cars and Composite Materials Reliable?

The automotive industry has really advanced when it comes to technology in cars. Their idea of having a light weight car instead of SUV’s is admirable. But how long are these light weight cars protective?
Believe it or not life is important!
The significant factor of inventing these light weight cars are reduction in fuel consumption looking ahead about the future problems we might face.Lightweight cars are not necessarily safe because they use low-density materials aluminum, magnesium or composite materials which are light weight but dangerous when it comes to damage due to any reason. Just because it provides us with noise-free engines and a good passenger space does not mean we go in for light weight cars as life is also at stake till we do not know about the perfect features.
Pros and cons always follow
Everything comes with its own set of pros and cons.Light weight cars have a fall because of the composite materials it uses.
Light in weight: This material is really light in weight compared to wood and metal and so leads to fuel savings.
Flexible Elastic: Fire enforced composite materials have superb elastic flexibility.This is durable for a long time.
High in Strength: Composite materials have great strength and so are used for the body part of the car for protection in any condition.
High in Cost: The cost of composite materials is highcompared to the normal material costs of our cars.
Intense Repair: The repairing of your car made of composite material is really complex and time consuming with less safety.
After knowing the pros and cons, it is our duty to find out what is good for us and what is not. Light weight cars are not as safe as we think. It’s life that matters not the car.

Whether you want to try something new or need to find an item you have always wanted, in our extensive array of auto accessories and parts not a single component is off-limits. From the efficient protection to ultimate comfort, our line of car accessories keeps your vehicle clean and comfy.

No matter what accessories you need, at, we want you to be spoiled for choice, which is why we go all out to get you car accessories and parts (Custom wheels, grilles, headlights, chrome accessories, air intakes, and car exhaust systems) that fit your every need.

Be Cautious While Getting Your Car Modified

Modifying a car is not a new concept to anyone. tuning-rrr Those who drive their own vehicle and love spotting their own unique style get their vehicles personalized right at the time when they purchase a new one. Some even get their car’s parts replaced and looks changed after some duration to feel the change rather than getting their entire vehicle replaced. However, modification of any parts of the car should not be done in the brink of moment. You should be very careful about the parts which one is choosing as they might not be compatible enough for the brand of your vehicles and would thus result in the wastage of money that you would have invested in getting it personalized.
Take an expert look
Before you decide to get your car modified as per your desires, it would always be a wise decision to consult the expert of the company from where you have purchased your vehicle. The people who are more acquainted with the cars would have a better knowleModifyCarHerodge about what would be suitable for your car to increase its performance as well as designing. This would not only save you lots of efforts but would also make you be on a contented end when your car would get customized.
In particular, the engine of the car should be replaced only after being completely assured about its quality as well as compatibility for your vehicle. You can apply different approaches to replace the engine of your car so that you can get a vehicle which provides you the contentment of holding the steering wheels from in your grips.

Ultra Exotic Version of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series

The unexpected package
The upgraded SLS AMG Black Series is all set to shake the market with its latest features and stylish looks. This series with a little change in the aerodynamic and mechanical fields provides a stunning appearance than the standard SLS AMG series along with keeping the racing spirits high and alive. The 622 horsepower SLS AMG Series has recently powered-up Gullwing Coupe’s public image recently in Los Angeles auto show later this month. 2013 Mercedes SLS AMG
SLS Black Series is epic
Indeed the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series prove to be an epic because of its advanced features in every new model it introduces to us. So let’s take a look of this marvelous piece by the German Engineers.
Can you imagine your car running at a speed of 8000 rpm? Then you better start as the V8 now revs to 8000 rpm instead of 7200 rpm, the highest by any AMG model. God knows where we will reach in a swish!
The massive strength of this master piece is its 6.2 L engine which is capable of 622 HP4468 lb-ft or torque with a top speed of 196 MPH.
Strong Michelin tyres which give the car a tough and sporty look with 10 spoke forged rims although it is obvious you need to take control of the speed around the corners.
Interior look of the car gives you a “in your face” attitude and the flat bottomed look of the steering wheel gives an alarmed notice of where the wheels are all the time.

The totally cool and controlled madnesslook of the 2014 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series is on its way and going to crush you all down on the race field.Only in the hands of a true and competent driver will the SLS AMG shine to its best.

Technology that has stolen the minds- Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

SL 300 Gullwing of the 1905s was a great model which was a favorite among the racers of the time. 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS The design was a super hit and this might be the reason why The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gullwing super car was built on the same design that has stolen the hearts of many. With the introduction of SLS AMG Black series, Mercedes has proved again that this design is an all time favorite. The superb performance of this car with updated features like forged wheels, perfectly tuned engine, perfect aerodynamics, chassis which is redesigned and a perfect interior design has made it even more attractive.
Features of Mercedes SLS AMG Black
6.2 L V8 engine with special camshafts and redesigned air intake technique
2014-mercedes-benz-sls-amgThe titanium exhaust helps in the reduction of the backpressure
Even at a low engine power, you will get a better power
631 horsepower
The car can reach 62 mph within 3.6 seconds
Has a top speed of 196 mph
The latest elements of aerodynamics are installed in this car like a perfectly new looking front bumper, dashing front spoilers, rear diffuser and fixed trunk spoiler. Such features help the car to make air flow into the engine and brakes. The car is designed with technologies that can help it to gain higher speeds within no time.
The front as well as rear wheels were placed with rims that were light weight and strong. The carbon ceramic braking system added to the forged wheels made it lighter. The traditional steel braking units were actually forty percent heavier than the latest carbon ceramic braking system. The weight was kept down with the help of aluminum suspension pieces.
Interior of the Mercedes SLS AMG Black series is perfectly simple and does not have any kind of systems for navigation. This is to decrease the weight of the car.

Using Performance Kits For Your Car

Car tuning is a modification that is done to a vehicle to change its appearance or its performance. Usually cars are modified to compete in auto racing, but then most of the performance cars that are owned by people do not enter into any auto racing competition. Car tuning is done nowadays to make the car look different and unique and also to enhance the pleasure of driving the vehicle. Modification kits for almost all cars are now available in the market and there are many customization garages that can modify almost every detail of your car to make it something special.
Performance Kits For Cars
If you are not satisfied with the performance of your car then you can always think about making modification to the power plant of your car so as to give you the performance that you want. There are limitations of the car tuning that can be done as there are only certain aspects of the engine and the transmission that can be done and therefore the expectations should not be too high. There are many performance kits that you can opt for and they are usually available as different brands in the market. You can also avail the services of specialized car tuning companies that can make a great difference to your car. 
What Modifications Are Made In Engine Tuning?
When we talk about engine tuning, the prime objective is to increase the power of the engine. The capacity of the engine cannot be changed, but then we can change the horsepower that the engine churns out by altering the fuel injection system of the electronic control units in the car. Changes to the air intake system, air filters, fuel filters, exhaust system and the brake system are some of the typical car tuning options that are available when it comes to engine tuning. The list of options available is a long one and it is always a good option to look at what you need and get the help of an expert in getting there.

Induction Kits Have Become The Most Popular Tuning Projects Undertaken By Tuners All Over The World

The simplest way to define an induction kit is by calling it an air filter for the vehicle.  These filters are made from paper which helps in filtering out particles from the air in order to prevent them from entering the engine. The main function of these air filters or induction kits is to reduce the engine noise and to enhance or boost its performance high up in the RPM range.

The Role Of Induction Kits In Adding To The Fuel Economy

The induction kit has the twin effect of both adding on to the fuel economy as well as subtracting from it. While the air filters which take in the warm air from the engine bay boost the mileage, they also bring about a beautiful roar of the engine which entices the driver towards heavier driving which in turn negates this saving. Thus, one can get a lot more power for their fuel burned and with an altered driving style fuel economy can be boosted as well.

The Main Features Of An Induction Kit

The biggest feature of an induction kit is that it helps in bringing about a beautiful engine roar which is extremely pleasing to hear for all auto lovers.

It also helps in boosting the power generated in respect of the fuel consumed and boosts engine performance as well.

These induction kits are extremely easy to fit and are easily available as well. Most of these induction kits can be fitted with the help of just a screwdriver within 4 minutes,

The major power gains are only at the top end of the RPM range. The low end may experience a loss of power as well.

The quality of induction kits varies considerably. The best one to use is one which uses cotton gauze filtration.

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