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Acura NSX Car: A New Release

Most of the car lovers wait for the new car to arrive in the market and get their specification in hand. The same is the case with the automakers who wait for the release of their car. Certainly getting the best car in the market and keeping it on the top is one of the biggest challenge that you may come across. However, this challenge is not taken by Acura as they have recently have planning to launched a configurator for their NSX car and make it more upgraded. 2013 Acura NSX Concept
About this Car Concept
In 2011, it was decided by the company that they are soon going to launch a new sports car that would be an environmental friendly too. Keeping this promise, the company launched the Acura NSX in America and Hong Kong which was originally produced in the year 1990-2005. Acura NSX is one of great inventions that has been made by the company so far and have some of the amazing features that would certainly keep your mouth a wide open.
Some of the features to know:
A mid-engine
An all-aluminum V6 gasoline (petrol) engine
acura-nsx-concept-detroitRear-wheel drive layout
Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control
All-wheel drive V6 hybrid powertrain
However, thanks to the advancement in the science and technology, the new car is now available in different colors to make your choice from. The configurator tool which has been launched on Facebook will help you review the concept of NSX in three different angles and have a look at the colors from anywhere in the spectrum of RGB. You can also view the gallery or have a close look at the car.
So grab this amazing opportunity of buying the car of your favorite color and drive it just the way you have been wishing for? Get ready and look for your favorite color.


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