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Crane Cams

Crane Cams is worldwide famous manufacturer of camshafts with more than 60 years of experience.

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The brand was founded in 1953 by Harvey J. Crane, Jr. He was under the strong influence of the various “hot rodding” magazines, and began to design and manufacture camshafts in the corner of his father’s machine shop. During the process of rebuilding his old vehicle Harvey fast developed cam design and production knowledge. His cams were precisely produced and surprisingly more powerful than any camshafts he had purchased before. Shortly other local car enthusiasts heard about Harvey’s camshafts and began to purchase them. That was the beginning of the ever-expanding company.

In 1961 Crane Cams got into the national spotlight after an engineer Pete Robinson took the unheralded small block for Chevy-powered dragster to the NHRA Nationals and won Top Eliminator honors. Crane Cams was the essential part of many other drag racing performances including eclipsing the 300 mph mark by Kenny Bernstein and notching the first Pro Stock 6-second pass by Warren Johnson. After about 20 years the company entered the motorcycle market and today Crane Cams is among the most recognizable companies in the motorcycling industry.

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Crane Cams Products

Today the assortment of Crane Cams includes not just camshafts, but also valve springs, valve spring retainers and many, many other products. Purchase of the company’s performance parts ensures you wide manufacturer’s experience, legendary performance, incredible reliability and remarkable lifespan.

If you want to get your vehicle on the next level of performance with Crane Cams performance parts and you’re in search of reliable place to buy them take a look at Crane Cams page the CARiD. The digital shelves of this website are filled with a vast number of Crane Cams products. This online store will show you that prices can be really affordable, customer service friendly and the shipping can be really fast.