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How Fuel System Works

Fuel system plays a vital role in vehicle’s life because its main purpose is delivery fuel to the engine. It is said that fuel system is like a vehicle’s vascular system because they are quite similar. Fuel pump is like a heart, fuel lines are like veinsand filter is like kidneys. Fuel system consists of fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel injectors or carburetor.

Fuel System

Fuel Tank

Fuel tank is a reservoir that hold the fuel inside the vehicle. The first place where fuel comes after filter tube is a fuel tank. It has a unit that shows amount of fuel in the tank.

Fuel Pump

Fuel pump deliver fuel to the engine using its motion. Fuel pump is usually driven by the camshaft, rarely by the crankshaft. Newer vehicles have fuel pumps mounted in the fuel tank and the old ones have it attached to the engine. One of the most reliable and well-known fuel pumps today are Aeromotive Fuel Pumps.

Another fuel pump manufacturer that is worth mentioning is Airtex. Brand’s product line includes both, mechanical and electric fuel pumps that will fit a wide range of vehicles. They also produce fuel pump components and parts that ensure easy installation and proper operation of fuel pumps. A full selection of fuel pumps and components is available in Airtex department at

Aeromotive Fuel Pump

Fuel Filter

Fuel filter cleans fuel before it goes to the engine because clean fuel has a crucial meaning for performance and lifespan of the engine. Clean fuel is quite important for carburetors and fuel injectors as well because their tiny openings may easily become clogged. Fuel filters usually mounted before or after fuel pump or sometimes in both places.

Fuel Filter

Fuel Injectors

A small electric valve that injects the fuel directly to the engine close to the cylinder head called fuel injector. Fuel injectors are computer-controlled by electric signals and don’t mix fuel with air. That’s why they are more fuel-efficient than carburetors and result in lower emissions.

Fuel Injectors


Carburetors have the same function as fuel injectors but work in other way. It mixes fuel with air without computer’s control. Carburetors are simple to use but often need rebuilding or precise tuning. That is why carburetors progressively have gone away.