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Mercedes ML63 AMG Inferno Black – Black, Bold and Beautiful

The typical exteriors inspired from the famous Mercedes Black series but with a bit of superiority added by the black door caps, front wing extension and lip spoiler is the primary description of the all new Mercedes ML63 AMG Inferno Black. It is the successful attempt made at Mercedes by adding the inferno black kit to its popular SUV model. This car has certain smart additions that make it more stylish and trendy. The stunning rear bumper with the rear wing extensions and an additional side skirt makes this fabulous car look sizzling. The beauty can be the main factor for opting for this car but it is not the only factor though. There are many other special additions made to this amazing Mercedes model that makes it different and impressive.
What all can you expect from this new Mercedes addition, let us have a quick look.
This car is no different from the previous SUV ML63 except the color. It is all about making it dark and dashing. The performance would be almost similar with the V-8 engine offered to provide 722 pound-feet and 640 horsepower torque. It is quite better than the original 516 pound-feet and 518 horsepower torque. This all black SUV has three power range models and the highest of all offers 848 pound-feet and 760 horsepower torque. This powerful black SUV is all about the power and style.
This magnificent inferno black kit adds the superb style statement to the traditional Mercedes SUV. The exteriors may look startling with reinforced wheel arches, horizontal DRLs, front bumper with bigger size air vents and rear bumper comes with an integrate air diffuser.
All in all Mercedes ML63 AMG Inferno Black will make your presence felt on the road with its looks, performance and agility.