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Red Chrome Mercedes SLS: Viewed in London for the First Time

People belonging to an influential background with big bank accounts can only be spotted in the city of London.  But recently a European super car named Red Chrome Mercedes SLS was spotted in the cultural city. People used to know about Chrome Lamborgini Aventador. But today, something else is discovered.
Car wrapped in red envelope
The spotted variance of Mercedes SLS is wrapped attractively with red color along with the carbon fiber bits. It was viewed to roam around the city of London with its attractive looks. This was the time when Total revs filmed the videos with supercars.
There was a spectacular view of all these chrome super cars up.  Here, you can easily learn about the promotion of chrom car. It is not really strange to view chrome Mercedes. There are also some facts about electric drive in chrome blue.
Hard core ad-on with red rooster
The spectacular variety of red color Mercedes has many features. Some of its features include roof scoop, carbon fiber splitter, etc. Many people can also think this to be the design of MEC. red-chrome-mercedes-slsYou can easily appreciate the looks of this vehicle without actually knowing about its root.
Facts about current Mercedes SLS
The current variant of vehicle is having similarity with GT3 version. Some similarities with E-cell variation are also depicted in this new variation of Mercedes. There is an official announcement of Mercedes SLS to be launched. The vehicle also has some styling clues borrowed from GT3 version. You can also have a look at the black series of the vehicle with a variety of new features like carbon fiber elements, exhaust system made up of titanium, etc. The varieties of vehicles are also really light. You can also get improved engine under the hood of the vehicle. The back series of the vehicle is 154 pound lighter.

Luca Bar Imagines the First Lotus Motorcycle

There are millions of people around the world who are crazy about bikes.  They love spend a lot of time in racing with their motorcycles. There are even many people who have stated that there is nothing more fun than riding motorbikes in the highways. The people find them lost in adventure. Few people also think that riding bikes is more fun that driving a car. According to them the skills associated with riding a bike are greater than those with any other vehicles. Some of the people are so crazy about bikes that they try to get most of the popular models. Some of the people are able to afford them as soon as they come out in the market. Keeping the craze about bikes among the common people the motorcycle manufacturing companies are coming up with great models every now and then.

Some interesting facts about the Lotus Bike

This is the first light weight bike that the company is coming up with. The officials of the company are determined about the success of this model.
It is a 150kW bike.
The body is made up with a combination of aerospace-grade steel, carbon and titanium.
The Lotus racing technology has been also integrated into the bike.
The bike has been painted in the popular black and gold color scheme.

The bikes that are available in the market these days are of various types. When the people are looking for bikes with small engines and having very less weight the name of the company that strikes in the people at first is Lotus. Though the bikes are light they are able to offer the speed that the people are looking for. There is no other better choice of enhancing the knowledge and skill of biking than including this bike in the choice. The company is planning to bring out a new range of two wheelers known as the Lotus Bikes.