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Europe has Become Hot Spots of Cars in the World

You cannot disagree from the fact that today, Europe is considered as one of the popular spots where a lot of cars and their different models are seen. A wide variety of cars ranging from latest models to antique models can be witnessed there.
What is Car Modification or tuning?
The unique models can also be referred as modified cars which are very popular among the car lovers and youngsters. It is becoming a trend now to modify some of the car features like body, wheels, engine or any other part to increase the car efficiency or the looks.
This is done because everyone desires to own a car with a daunting body and advanced specifications. Some of the pre installed aspects or features are modified or replaced with other which an owner wishes.
These modifications can be done with wheels to reduce or increase the weight of the car, with body to enhance car’s appearance, with suspension system or engine to alter performance, etc.
Europe as a continent of cars because:
With the increasing number of trendy cars with splendorous features, Europe can be soon seen as the future’s continent for cars as today it is a much known spot for expensive and tuned cars.
People willing to buy a car or transform its features are being attracted to Europe because of various deals offered and its expertise of modification.
Apart from common and expensive models, many unique or tuned models can be seen running on the roads.

Are Light Weight Cars and Composite Materials Reliable?

The automotive industry has really advanced when it comes to technology in cars. Their idea of having a light weight car instead of SUV’s is admirable. But how long are these light weight cars protective?
Believe it or not life is important!
The significant factor of inventing these light weight cars are reduction in fuel consumption looking ahead about the future problems we might face.Lightweight cars are not necessarily safe because they use low-density materials aluminum, magnesium or composite materials which are light weight but dangerous when it comes to damage due to any reason. Just because it provides us with noise-free engines and a good passenger space does not mean we go in for light weight cars as life is also at stake till we do not know about the perfect features.
Pros and cons always follow
Everything comes with its own set of pros and cons.Light weight cars have a fall because of the composite materials it uses.
Light in weight: This material is really light in weight compared to wood and metal and so leads to fuel savings.
Flexible Elastic: Fire enforced composite materials have superb elastic flexibility.This is durable for a long time.
High in Strength: Composite materials have great strength and so are used for the body part of the car for protection in any condition.
High in Cost: The cost of composite materials is highcompared to the normal material costs of our cars.
Intense Repair: The repairing of your car made of composite material is really complex and time consuming with less safety.
After knowing the pros and cons, it is our duty to find out what is good for us and what is not. Light weight cars are not as safe as we think. It’s life that matters not the car.

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