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Induction Kits Have Become The Most Popular Tuning Projects Undertaken By Tuners All Over The World

The simplest way to define an induction kit is by calling it an air filter for the vehicle.  These filters are made from paper which helps in filtering out particles from the air in order to prevent them from entering the engine. The main function of these air filters or induction kits is to reduce the engine noise and to enhance or boost its performance high up in the RPM range.

The Role Of Induction Kits In Adding To The Fuel Economy

The induction kit has the twin effect of both adding on to the fuel economy as well as subtracting from it. While the air filters which take in the warm air from the engine bay boost the mileage, they also bring about a beautiful roar of the engine which entices the driver towards heavier driving which in turn negates this saving. Thus, one can get a lot more power for their fuel burned and with an altered driving style fuel economy can be boosted as well.

The Main Features Of An Induction Kit

The biggest feature of an induction kit is that it helps in bringing about a beautiful engine roar which is extremely pleasing to hear for all auto lovers.

It also helps in boosting the power generated in respect of the fuel consumed and boosts engine performance as well.

These induction kits are extremely easy to fit and are easily available as well. Most of these induction kits can be fitted with the help of just a screwdriver within 4 minutes,

The major power gains are only at the top end of the RPM range. The low end may experience a loss of power as well.

The quality of induction kits varies considerably. The best one to use is one which uses cotton gauze filtration.

Why Should you Be Paying Attention to Shelby American Customization Kits?

A brief insight about the Shelby Focus ST

The Shelby Focus ST has enjoyed a unique position in the mind of an American automobile enthusiast ever since its introduction into the market back in the 1980s. Even on this day, you can come across various kinds of customization options exclusively generated for the car. Shelby American is a car customization company in Las Vegas. The engineers and the designers working on the behalf of this car customization company has come forward with aftermarket changes that the present owners of the Shelby Focus ST can apply on their cars. In the rest of the discussion, we will be looking into some of the unique aspects of this car customization package. Some of the benefits that the existing owners of Shelby Focus ST can enjoy after installing the update package from Shelby American include the following. Shelby unveils tuned Ford Focus ST

Dramatic boost in the performance of the brakes, the suspension system as well as the tires
The ability to give the car a throaty uproar – thanks to the numerous innovations included in the exhaust system of the car
Boosting the default horsepower of the car up to 272

Shelby American has also paid attention to the ground clearance of the original car. The engineers reduced the clearance by about 1 inch.

The benefits of lowering the ground clearance of the car

This enables the car to have a sportier appearance in comparison with the stock model. Some of the automobile enthusiasts are also holding on to the opinion that the lowering of the ground clearance will only help in taking the car to much higher speeds without losing the stability levels. Shelby American is also offering an upgraded Outlook to the interiors. Those who have an interest in outfitting their Shelby cars now have the provision to select among packages that are starting from $ 14,995. The base price of the car is currently at $ 23,700.

Shelby American pays attention to the practical aspects too

Shelby unveils tuned Ford Focus ST2Unlike the traditional car customization agencies operating in the nation that does not pay attention to the practicality of their offers, Shelby American focuses primarily on improving the existing productiveness of the cars. For the sake of clarity, this particular car customization unit takes into account of those who will be using their sports car daily. Some of the Shelby car owners are still using their prized possessions as a conventional family car. Shelby American also focuses on the rich traditional appeal that the car has been enjoying ever since the 80s. Ironically, the first small batch of cars that had the Shelby badge featured ‘GLH’ – which in turn meant goes like hell.

Feedback of popular automotive enthusiasts

Editors of popular motoring magazines who took the customized Shelby American cars out for a spin are already impressed. Most of them have touted the cars as ‘phenomenal’. At the same time, certain other popular automotive enthusiasts are holding on to the notion that the customization kit offered by Shelby American tends to disrupt the otherwise balanced power to the performance aspect of the car. It is only a matter of time before the masses begin to realize the advantages of outfitting their cars with the packages offered by Shelby American.

Tuning Your Car Can Go A Long Way In Enhancing It Looks As Well As Performance

Transmission And Braking Upgrades

Transmission Upgrades – power from the engine usually travels to the wheels through the transmission. Thus, choosing a proper transmission upgrade can go a long way in optimizing the performance of your vehicle.

Braking – Most people overlook the role and importance of braking. The introduction of larger disk brakes makes complete sense since they allow you to stop the car a lot quicker. A cheaper option is getting a high friction performance brake pad installed.

Fuel Upgrades 

Fuel upgrades are quite common in cases when other modifications have been carried out and the car starts facing an issue of starvation of fuel. In such cases, bigger injectors or performance based fuel pumps prove to be extremely useful additions to your vehicles. 

Handling Upgrades

One of the simplest ways of completely transforming the performance of your car is by getting its suspension properly tuned and correctly adjusted or aligned. A lower center of gravity for your car can go a long way in improving cornering. However, if you venture too low, the suspension becomes stiff which causes the custom wheels to skip on the roads.