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Tuning Your Car Can Go A Long Way In Enhancing It Looks As Well As Performance

Getting the right modifications for your car and installing them in the right places can go a long way in enhancing the looks as well as the overall performance of your car. While choosing a mod, it is important to ensure their feasibility for your particular brand or model. This is because a popular mod available in the market does not necessarily mean that it is a tried and tested performance modification or that it boosts the performance of your car. Thus, we have listed down a few modifications available. However, you need to keep in mind that a different approach needs to be employed in different types of engines to make your modification effective.2013-fiat-viaggio-photo

Under The Hood Upgrades

A few of the most popular upgrades for the functioning and performance of your cars are –

Turbo Upgrades – Adding a turbo of a larger capacity or a forced induction to the NASP engine helps to provide your engine with the largest gains in power and performance. The only problem is that adding a turbo to the NASP engine can be quite expensive. On the other hand, upgrading an existing turbo is a relatively simple task and there are direct bolt on replacements or upgrades available in the market. Of late, twin charging has also become extremely popular.

Chip Tuning – Another way to increase the power capacity of your engine is by altering the fueling or changing the timing parameters for the engine. The gains in power can be as much as 30 % to 40% in some cases as well.

Camshaft – The introduction of a camshaft can dramatically boost the power of your engine and take it to the top end of the RPM meter. However, it is important to take into account other existing power upgrades while choosing a camshaft. (to be continued…)