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Car Exterior Tuning and Moding

Today, car exterior tuning and moding is not as hard as it was back in the day.  With the presence of ready-made body kits inclusive of comprehensive guidelines and instructions, as well as quick-fire advice from experts abound on the web, exterior tuning and moding is as easy as pie.  Whether you want to build custom car, modify regular ones or just want to focus on remodeling classic retro cars, exterior tuning ideas are just everywhere.
Starting out in the 50s, car exterior tuning and do-it-yourself moding started as a more of an experiment. Today, it has generated hundreds of literature such as magazines and books and has become good business for car manufacturers and accessory dealers. For car exterior stylists, the main objectives of exterior tuning and moding are to improve the overall look for your vehicle and boost its performance. Both objectives must go as one or your car falls out of the precipice. Exterior tuning can improve a car’s overall performance by reducing its total weight and enhancing its aerodynamics. You get to hit two birds with one stone on exterior tuning and moding. Getting a car’s optimum performance takes not just mechanical tuning, but even exterior tuning is part of the mix. Also, a car’s value also increases especially if the exterior alterations were done so professionally.
Designs and alterations are abounding in lots of mediums such as car magazines, online forums and even the Internet. In the web alone, there are tons of articles solely focused on tuning and modification and you wouldn’t need to spend a dime. From how-to articles to just simple live-streaming modifications, the Internet is just a car aficionado’s Bible. The presence of a lot of car enthusiasts nowadays is attributed to how exterior tuning and moding has become a work of art, rather than a hobby.
But basically, car enthusiasts are more focused on exterior tuning and moding because it gives them a really wide scope when it comes to creating a lot of cars on their own. From customization to just plain exterior tuning, car aficionados enjoy the thrill of doing the thing they do because it allows their cars to stand out from the rest.
Car exterior tuning and moding is an art, it should be practiced with so much determination, and lots of researching involve. To become the best car tuner requires time tested lessons and learning the craft from masters.

The Proper Way of Styling the Exterior of Your Car.2

2)Don’t experiment—when deciding on body changes on your own, don’t try to experiment, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. If in doubt, always try tried and tested kits and brands that can assure good aesthetics on your car without compromising its performance.
3)Seek expert advice—while we are free to make our own body changes on our cars, some modification types can severely affect a car’s performance. Some exterior styling can even transform a roadworthy vehicle into a slow-moving turtle. Before starting on with your own modifications, it would be better to consult exterior styling and car tuning experts that will help you learn the ropes. Also, you can research further on good brands by buying motoring magazines or do a quick research on the Internet. Remember, it’s better to learn things now than regretting it later.
4)Design it on paper first—before starting on designing on the real thing, try to make a mock design of what you want to put in your car through illustrations. Graphic art programs such as Photoshop can help in getting a good preview of what you want to put in to your car.

The Proper Way of Styling the Exterior of Your Car.1

Improving the exterior style of your car is important if you really want to improve your ride’s aesthetics features. In the past, car enthusiasts would only do exterior styling on rundown, second hand cars. However, today, almost any car model, whether old and new, are restyled to suit their owner’s needs and passions. Due to continuous reduction of car prices in the market, cars are more affordable today compared to decades ago.

So now, you got yourself a car. Whether it’s your father’s hand-me-down car or a recently bought car, you want it to provide it the look and feel that matches your uniqueness as an individual. Putting in exterior styling in your car will not only provide aesthetics, but also add performance to your vehicle, depending on what you add.

But, before you start styling your car, here are few tips that would assist you in getting it right.

1)Be picky (in a good way)—when deciding for the setup that will fit your car, always remember that there are many items or equipments on sale claiming to have supreme performance quality and regarding economical to your budget.. But while these products may boast features not found in other products, the fact is that while there are good ones, there are bad ones as well. When it comes to car accessories, always be picky. Try using established brands first before attempting to use untested ones.

AMS Gives New Tuning Package to Nissan GTR.2

AMS 12 GTR package gives better acceleration and with top speed but maintain the mild manner good for daily use. AMG developed the 12 Alpha package to convert GTR into the fastest but street legal car.  The power comes from AMS Turbo System. This system is capable of over than 1500 horsepower plus a couple of AMS comprehensive Alpha series components that formed the AMS turn-key solution for more advanced and powerful performance. The Apha 12 package has dissolved the issues of the cost of driving, as the car tuned with will perform much to the driving desires of who’s in front of the wheels. One thing is made sure, it can be mild-mannered at one moment and a power car the next. What’s amazing is that the car maintains its status as street car- legal.

AMS is a tuning company that is known to back up their packages with real-world results ensuring their customer with the best and highest quality products. In its preliminary testing, Alpha 12 package broke the world record with GT-R running with a record breaking 8.97 at 169.5 miles per hour. This was from a quarter mile full street trim and was able to reach from zero to 170 miles per hour. And amazingly, two riders with Alpha GTR were able to set fresh records in a standing mile at the Moscow Unlimited and that’s on a wet course with a record of 215 mph. Just recently at the Texas Mile Alpha GRT car broke the record at 216.9 mph. The feat was done twice and makes AMS Alpha 12 package the power behind those world records.

AMS Gives New Tuning Package to Nissan GTR.1

AMS, the tuning company that has built iotys reputation on high performance ground is giving Nissan GTR a new tuning package. The much-awaited Nissan GTR 12 package is slated to put in action at the Texas Mile event in October. The Nissan GTR is set to hit the 216.9 mile per hour speed. AMG amazing Alpha Omega GT-R is one of its latest tuning package capable of pulling 1,602 A WHP and enjoying a 1,152 lb-ft torque. Cool tuning ideas.
Taking a cue from this, a JMD M35 M Nissan Stagea was transformed in a super racing car by having a Nissan GTR front end and was made similar to the R35 GTR station wagon first seen at Japanese Auto Show in Nagoya in 2009. The front bumper was made to look like the Nissan GRT with new fender and hood. AMG GTR 12 Alpha package is giving Nissan GTR enthusiasts the thrill of making GTR project and everybody is impressed on how the job has turned to.

Cool Tuning Ideas for Your Audi Car

When it comes to car market, Audi is exceptionally performing well in the arena of popular cars sold in the market today. In fact, Audi offers a wide range of different types of vehicles to offer.  This means that Audi can bring out something for different types of car buyers. You can choose from the lineup of small cars and vehicles, A-1 entry-level vehicles that are ideal for young commuters in the urban places, and the magnificent R8 V10, which is considered as the superstar in the supercar territory.

Of course, Audi cars look stylish and offer parts that are well-engineered. The good build of the cars’ body is something, which can be proud of. There is no wonder why Audi cars and vehicles are so popular when it comes to car moding or car tuning. As a matter of fact, Audi fans usually center or focus on the different types of modifications in terms of tuning their cars. There are actually many different ideas for car tuning your Audi cars and they can really make your vehicles extra amazing.

Increase Car’s Engine Power – Audi vehicles are specifically designed so that the car owner will have the benefit to enhance and to boost its engine power. Boosting the Audi vehicle’s engine power is basically done in many different ways.

Improve the Car’s Suspension – this simply means improving the vehicle’s handles and this is highly regarded as one of the top priorities. This is great especially when you have mushy handles, which often happens when the car has soft suspension. Enhancing the suspension can be done by slightly dropping the car and fitting performance shocks and stiffer dampers.

Changing the Car Wheels – changing the wheels of the car is considered as one of the most popular ways to boost the appearance of your car. Most of the time, car owners prefer alloy wheels when replacing their existing wheels; aside from they are practical, they too are visually appealing. Alloy wheels are known to help in cooling the breaks and they are also considered lighter than the standard wheels.

Enhance the Car’s Interior – replacing the Audi’s heavy seats with lighter ones are usually preferred by many Audi car owners. By replacing the heavy seats with lighter ones, this will give you the opportunity to easily take control of the car, thus providing you with superb driving comfort. Alloy pedals and knobs are usually used to come up with a more luxurious look to your car.