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Car Tuning

Not so long ago, exterior tuning and what car enthusiasts call “moding” was performed only in run-down used cars in order to bring the vehicle back to its original glory, or at least near to it.  Nevertheless, today, it is now common to witness car aficionados to get an amazingly new car which is still in tiptop condition and still flawlessly presentable and modify it inside out. In fact, for many, exterior tuning and moding has become an art with thousands of car owners trying to outdo each other by strapping along all imaginable kinds of design and accessories. And, because cars these days are more affordable compared to the prices of cars ten years ago, and car manufacturing technology has made the car of today more durable and less prone to rust and other forms of deterioration, exterior tuning and moding have become hinged more on making a fashion statement.  It is creating a more personal look, instead of covering up car damages and ugly bodywork.
There are setbacks, though, in too much moding and exterior tuning of your car. First off, it is true, your car may be the hottest vehicle running in your neighborhood but after a few months, it may already look like your crazy professor’s dune buggy cruising inside the school campus.  Exterior tuning and moding can be downright costly especially if you want to keep up with the times. Plus, the production of cars follow a strict pattern of balance and congruency and extensive exterior modification can significantly alter that balance greatly affecting your vehicle’s performance and handling. Your car can become hazardously not roadworthy and very difficult to handle t top speed.
In order to avoid putting your lives and the lives of other people in jeopardy, it would be best to let the professionals handle your car styling and tuning tasks. Experts in exterior tuning and moding can tell you the limits of what you can do with your car, guiding you on what are dangerous and what are not. If you wish to really modify your car, make sure that you are well informed of the effects of every accessory that will be attached to your vehicle. Plus, you also have to take into consideration that alterations and add-ons will have a direct impact on your car insurance premiums and in some instances, car insurance companies do not allow the inclusion of the driver in the coverage of the insurance.

Buick Regal News from SLP Company

New Buick Regal GS

US SLP, A US aftermarket parts dealer has announced giving Buick Regal Vauxhall Insignia a new set of tuning package. The Aftermarket Company has still to name the complete package and ensures public it will be carrying a special name.
SLP Company was chosen to bring back the GNX of the 80’s and is now starting on its re-designation. Starting from its 2.0-liter turbo charged engine under the hood, the aftermarket company would produce 270 hp, which is standard compare to the existing 32i hp of OPC.
In addition, Buick Regal would be sporting a new exterior, which is more muscular than ever. Its lightweight alloy wheels add to its new sporty exterior. There is also expectation that the Buick would have upgrading for its suspension and brakes. SLP is still quiet on details but is giving some hints that expectation is on with firm basis.
Buick Regal GNX has been reintroduced to the US market when production starter in China in 1999 where it has capture the biggest share in one of the biggest market in the world. It was also the first GM first personal luxury car having luxurious interiors of dashboards of wood grain trimmed as well as door panels and door-pull straps bench seats.
Buick introduced the Regal GNX in 1987 with standard 276 hp and a torque of 360lb.ft or 488Nm. The ladder bar on its mid-section to the rear axle enable the rear end to lift up when launch heavily and with increased traction.
However, the tuning package for Buick Regal is only due to Buick Regal 1987 and other Buick such as Turbo Regal and 1980 Buick Regal are not mentioned in the deal.

1987 Buick Regal GNX coupe

The tuning package is expected not to depart from original Buick 1987, retaining its magnificent performance as part sedan including its anti-lock brakes that were made standard for all custom cars. The tuning package would come across in continuing to give the Buick looks and performance but with linked and ties with the latest tuning technology from SLP.
SLP is one of the top US aftermarket part dealers and the complete tuning package for Buick Regal would assert its top position. The company has not given full details yet and just announced that soon Buick Regal would be off the road with new tuning package from their most trusted technical and engineering staff.
About SLP Company: USA SLP is an aftermarket parts dealers that has been around in believing in its commitment of quality building starting with a functional design and finishing off with great fit and the ease of installation. It has been committed to give it customers the right to choose and decode what’s right for their car. The company is for protecting engines, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.