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Suicide Doors

If you’re into car styling you probably heard about suicide doors and must have wondered what this fuss is all about. Suicide doors can usually be seen in show cars, they were called such name because the hinges of the doors can be found to the rear, which means you’ll have to open your car from the front instead of the usual opening from the back, thus result to the passenger’s vulnerability to the oncoming traffic.
Although their name invokes fear this type of door is actually safer, as a matter of fact suicide doors are safer than the traditional front-hinged doors since while driving a chance that you will be hit in the rear is more possible than being hit head first. Furthermore suicide doors will better protect you if you will be hit from the back during sudden stop. The use of suicide doors was first adapted by Mazda for their RX8 models, this attractive sports vehicle however only incorporates half-a-door notion so there still a need for a front door to be opened as usual to get a better opening for incoming and outgoing passengers in the rear.
In general, suicide doors are cool, sleek, and stylish but like other modifications some downsides are also needed to be considered before having your car undergo this type of change. One thing that’s quite worth noting is the wider opening that will be needed for the driver and his passenger to come in and out the car. Unlike on a traditional car door that can be opened partially suicide door needs to be opened completely to allow ease of entry. 
Suicide doors can be seen more on 2-door show cars but 4-door cars can also be configured and modified to fit this type of door. In fact, four door owners can have quite an option when incorporating suicide doors to their vehicles. They can choose to modify only the rear and have the front doors as is or have the entire doors converted at the same time for a more distinct look.
If you know what to do, converting your car door into suicide door is fairly simple and will not take a lot of time and resources but if you’re a novice with no knowledge on door conversion you can easily get some professionals to do the task for you. Professional tuners can definitely give you more peace of mind since they are more adept in this reinforcement, besides converting into suicide door needs assurance that all the hinges are mounted properly and strongly to avoid sagging as time went by. A more skilled tuner will also do all the needful from rerouting of electric door-mirrors to rewiring of everything that needs to be rewired.

Exterior Tuning Today

Today, exterior tuning and/or moding comes in kits with comprehensive guides and instructions to help you get the most out of the additional parts that you want to install onto your car.  For those who want build custom cars or modify regular cars to turn them into fast racing vehicles, or just simply pimp out a classic automobile, exterior tuning ideas abound.   You can get as many prospective designs and alterations as you can from magazines, online forums, and other sources. In fact, there are a good number of tuning modifications readily available on the internet absolutely free of charge. And a lot more ideas and actual modifications with photos and how-to’s are being added daily. The reason why there is a huge population of car revision enthusiasts is that today, car alteration is considered more of an art and at the same time a hobby. Car hobbyists are having a grand time enjoying car customization tips and instructions online, which help them build cars that stand out from the rest.

Although most exterior tuning and moding procedures are intended for track and show purposes, there are specific modifications that are specifically done to enhance the car’s maneuverability and decrease drag in order to boost speed. There are exterior tuning instructions for each car design level, from beginner to advance. 

Car modification and the do-it-yourself custom car exterior, and engine tuning began in the early 50’s. Today, this hobby has generated hundreds of magazines and literature and it has become a lucrative business for car manufacturers and accessories dealers.
The main objectives of exterior tuning/moding and car alteration as a whole are:

1.Improve the overall look of your car
2.And boost the car’s performance.
These goals can both be achieved through custom car modification shops or by the do-it-yourself scheme.  Exterior tuning can improve the car’s overall performance by simply reducing the vehicle’s total weight and enhancing the aerodynamics of the car’s body. With exterior tuning, the value of the car is also increased, most especially if the alterations are done professionally. A car’s resell value is significantly increased with choice exterior tuning and moding.

The car exterior tuning’s objective is to really get the optimum performance out of one’s car. Kits and detailed instructions will guide you on several car-tuning processes, which include boosting of the engine’s horsepower, and anything else related to the enhancement of the vehicle’s performance on and off the road.

Exterior Tuning/Moding Basics

Exterior tuning or also known as body tuning is a complete modification and configuration of a vehicle’s peripheral appearance. This involves full configuration of significant external parts including the spoiler-side skirts, the hood vents, side mirrors, wings, front and rear bulbs, and the car light bulbs.  This process is being done to improve the aerodynamic performance of a certain car model with the replacement of new body parts such as the bumper canards, and other essential bodywork components.
In order to lighten your vehicle, you will need to replace your hoods, as well as the rear view mirrors that have CFRP components. The generation of down force helps improve the adhesion and the cornering speeds as well. On the other hand, exterior tuning is being done mostly to enhance the appearance of a vehicle. However, there are several parts that are installed on a vehicle that have no performance benefit including the wide arches, scoops, and other cosmetic modifications. In some cases, aftermarket spoilers are able to improve the car’s performance despite of the fact that it increases the drag coefficient and the weight of the vehicle. Nevertheless, if you want to enhance the cornering ability of your car, you may need to increase the wheel track width with the use of the so-called spacers, as well as wide body kits. One of the major highlights of the exterior tuning is lowering the center of gravity through the modification of the car’s suspension. 
Aside from the main modification parts that are being mentioned in this page, there are several exterior tuning parts that you can purchase in the market today. You may want to buy several exterior car products for your vehicle including antennas, car covers, single arm wiper, wheel arch, door handles, wind and rain deflectors, lift hood or tailgate lift, license plate holder, chrome trunk trim, fuel filler or gas cap covers, and a whole lot more. There are a lot of new things that you can do with your vehicle. Modifying the external appearance and adding new accessories are the best ways to indulge with your favorite vehicle. You will always need a passion in creating a new model that you can call your own. Exterior tuning/moding can be as fun while you do it by yourself. You may need to purchase different exterior parts and accessories in order to give your vehicle a complete and massive overhaul.

The latest Car News and Headlines

The most recent car news and headlines are finally here. The Toyota Camry basic 2012 sports car custom is probably the simplest modified sports car to look forward to this year. It features the Lamborghini doors, the galvanized surface covered by a dark silver coat, and the flat wide design at the front bumpers. The Toyota Camry has been compared with Lamborghini models due to its few similarities specifically on the bumper’s design. On the other hand, the Toyota Camry has the best chrome wheels that are perfectly fitted with a low and flat car fenders design. You can add car graphics custom on the bumpers, as well as the addition of car stripes custom to show off its racing style.
Recently, a German-based tuning company called RENM Performance has already announced their next project this year. The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Limited Edition Corsa supercar is the latest tuning program that will feature several aftermarket tuning parts such as the new air intake, the ECU re-calibration, and the new titanium exhaust system.  The chassis improvements and the new suspension promote enhanced aerodynamics and augment the power by up to 10 percent. Other features include the exclusive LE-C forged wheels, carbon fiber trim, racing seats and belts, and a new steering wheel as well.
Meanwhile, the aftermarket tuning specialist known as JE Design had recently introduced the new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. It comes with new modifications package including a rear bumper diffuser insert, the 16-spoke alloy wheels, matte black and matte graphite along with shadow silver, high-gloss black with shiny lip, and the matte silver lip, and the a tuner with a lowering suspension feature. The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle has 200 hp powered by the so-called Bug’s 2.0 liter TSFI unit.
The 2012 BMW 3 Series debuted earlier this year in Detroit which featured its bolder looks with additional tech touches. It is the latest member of the BMW 3 Series family and is considered to be the 6th generation of improved BMW model line. There are several highlights of the 2012 BMW 3 Series including the enhanced aerodynamic bodyworks, a unique interior and exterior cosmetic designs, a 4-cylinder engine called the 328i model, 2.0 turbocharged units along with the dual-scroll TwinTurbo technology, and the BMW ECO PRO Intelligent energy management system. The package may include optional features such as the active blind spot detection, the full-color Head up display, and the BMW Parking Assistant. The full price package of the 2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan are yet to be released sometime this year.

Exterior Tuning: Transform Your Car’s Look Using Vinyl Stickers

Putting on stickers is one of the most inexpensive ways to modify your car’s exterior, like spray paints it can completely transform your vehicle and create instant tuning without having to spend big bucks for more complex alteration.  Nowadays different vinyl stickers can now be purchased easily; all of them are available in different colors and bear different print or style to suit your preferences. Some stickers bear the logo of popular auto manufacturers and performance parts companies; others are adorned with different symbols and have names, initials or quotes for a more customized look.

Vinyl stickers are designed to withstand prolonged sun or heat exposure; some of them are semi translucent so make sure you consider your car’s color when purchasing one. Thicker vinyl stickers are also available if you want extra protection against stones and other flying debris. Most window stickers are intended to be applied inside, they usually have reverse prints so the design or the letters can be read or seen properly in the outside. On the other hand if your vehicle has a heavy tinted window you should not use reverse stickers, choose the usual printed ones and put them outside. Whenever you decide to put the stickers at the windshield make sure you place it beyond the reach of the wiper to avoid accidental peeling.