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Crane Cams

Crane Cams is worldwide famous manufacturer of camshafts with more than 60 years of experience.

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The brand was founded in 1953 by Harvey J. Crane, Jr. He was under the strong influence of the various “hot rodding” magazines, and began to design and manufacture camshafts in the corner of his father’s machine shop. During the process of rebuilding his old vehicle Harvey fast developed cam design and production knowledge. His cams were precisely produced and surprisingly more powerful than any camshafts he had purchased before. Shortly other local car enthusiasts heard about Harvey’s camshafts and began to purchase them. That was the beginning of the ever-expanding company.

In 1961 Crane Cams got into the national spotlight after an engineer Pete Robinson took the unheralded small block for Chevy-powered dragster to the NHRA Nationals and won Top Eliminator honors. Crane Cams was the essential part of many other drag racing performances including eclipsing the 300 mph mark by Kenny Bernstein and notching the first Pro Stock 6-second pass by Warren Johnson. After about 20 years the company entered the motorcycle market and today Crane Cams is among the most recognizable companies in the motorcycling industry.

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Crane Cams Products

Today the assortment of Crane Cams includes not just camshafts, but also valve springs, valve spring retainers and many, many other products. Purchase of the company’s performance parts ensures you wide manufacturer’s experience, legendary performance, incredible reliability and remarkable lifespan.

If you want to get your vehicle on the next level of performance with Crane Cams performance parts and you’re in search of reliable place to buy them take a look at Crane Cams page the CARiD. The digital shelves of this website are filled with a vast number of Crane Cams products. This online store will show you that prices can be really affordable, customer service friendly and the shipping can be really fast.

How Fuel System Works

Fuel system plays a vital role in vehicle’s life because its main purpose is delivery fuel to the engine. It is said that fuel system is like a vehicle’s vascular system because they are quite similar. Fuel pump is like a heart, fuel lines are like veinsand filter is like kidneys. Fuel system consists of fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel injectors or carburetor.

Fuel System

Fuel Tank

Fuel tank is a reservoir that hold the fuel inside the vehicle. The first place where fuel comes after filter tube is a fuel tank. It has a unit that shows amount of fuel in the tank.

Fuel Pump

Fuel pump deliver fuel to the engine using its motion. Fuel pump is usually driven by the camshaft, rarely by the crankshaft. Newer vehicles have fuel pumps mounted in the fuel tank and the old ones have it attached to the engine. One of the most reliable and well-known fuel pumps today are Aeromotive Fuel Pumps.

Another fuel pump manufacturer that is worth mentioning is Airtex. Brand’s product line includes both, mechanical and electric fuel pumps that will fit a wide range of vehicles. They also produce fuel pump components and parts that ensure easy installation and proper operation of fuel pumps. A full selection of fuel pumps and components is available in Airtex department at

Aeromotive Fuel Pump

Fuel Filter

Fuel filter cleans fuel before it goes to the engine because clean fuel has a crucial meaning for performance and lifespan of the engine. Clean fuel is quite important for carburetors and fuel injectors as well because their tiny openings may easily become clogged. Fuel filters usually mounted before or after fuel pump or sometimes in both places.

Fuel Filter

Fuel Injectors

A small electric valve that injects the fuel directly to the engine close to the cylinder head called fuel injector. Fuel injectors are computer-controlled by electric signals and don’t mix fuel with air. That’s why they are more fuel-efficient than carburetors and result in lower emissions.

Fuel Injectors


Carburetors have the same function as fuel injectors but work in other way. It mixes fuel with air without computer’s control. Carburetors are simple to use but often need rebuilding or precise tuning. That is why carburetors progressively have gone away.


AWD Declared As the Safest Vehicle that Has Been Designed So Far

It is a pretty good news for the AWD (All- Drive vehicle) that they have been selected as the safer vehicles that you can come across. People have been opting for such vehicles for the use of all good technologies and some of the amazing features. As per The Detroit News, nearly one-third of all the new vehicles that were sold in the month of September, most of them were the AWD vehicles due to which their market profit increased in the quarter to almost 26.3 percent in the same month.
Know more about these vehicles
This type of vehicle is a system which comes with the four wheels that are operated simultaneously for improving the handling techniques and the traction spend. It has got much advanced abilities and is said to come with the sensors that detects the other pair as well.
Quick facts to now
It is more popular in vehicle in America
It is mostly compared with Audi and Subaru
It has been popular due to luxury sends like Jaguar XF and Buick LaCrosse
Its tank so far made is up to 28.3
It has been equipped with Quattro system
This fuel efficient car gives a good grip to the driver and improves its stability on paved roads. Some of the popular example of such cars is Audi Quattro and Mercedes-Benz M-Class which depends on the AWD. It also comes with full-time 4X4 that are powered all the time. The research made on such car has stated that from 2008 till 2012. The car has managed to keep their profit constant as the sale of such vehicle was increased more by 4% every time.
With so many features and classic design, don’t u think this amazing looking car should be in your parking? So what are you waiting for? Grab the best one for yourself today.

Get the Glimpse of the Masterpiece 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale

You all know why Ferrari is so special. Till now the brand has managed to keep up its name and a good reputation in the market and has been providing some of the coolest model with great technology that would certainly keep your mouth a wide open. The company has now introduced one of the amazing car with so many great features and advanced technologies which you should not give it a miss. Yes, you have guessed it right. We are talking here about the soon going to release car called 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale.
Why it is in News?
The primary thing is obviously the car is designed with amazing patters and is the fine craft of the very well-known brand Ferrari. It has got so many features which makes it best in terms of performance and safety. They car is the best value for the money that you give. The car is comes with cabin glass which is lightweight plexi-style racing material.  Not only this, the car is said to be the best model of the year which has been introduced so far. Let us take a look at some of the features that you should not give it a miss.
Features that would amaze you:
It comes with the four fewer cylinders
F1-Trac traction control
There are more weight beats
Carbon-fiber shell Sabelt bucket seats
Four point harness
Comes with SCM magneto-rheological dampers
Side Slip Angle Control
High evolved software-based form of mixing torque
With so many features, Ferrari has introduced simply magnetic mater piece of the year which will surely set the track on fire. This is one of the sensible cars which has been designed so far with more safety and precautionary measures. It is much more comfortable and the seas come with fantastic drive-all-day units. So get the best out of it today.

Dually Hauler is Now Slowly Gaining the Popularity Because of its New Parts

Dually Hauler has now come up with great news and that is the winner of the SEMA contest which is one of the popular shows that you can ever come across. This show hold so many great and new concepts of car in which the judges decided on all the factors and makes up the decision. The car is currently honored with a good display at Las Vegas Convention Center.
Know the Dually Hauler
Dually Hauler is known for the ultimate design and style which it offers this man looking machine has got an amazing engine part which gets it going. It comes with so many features that would certainly keep your mouth wide open. Certainly taking a test drive is worth when it comes of this car.
Features that would amaze you
Braked and spindles are made from Ford Super Duty
Receiver Hitch
The design is based on 1930-31 Ford Model A trucks
Air Bags
The engine comes with Lincoln 460 V8 c6 transmission
Work Lights
Comfortable seating
Easy to drive steering wheels
Comfortable pedals
What made it Popular?
With so many features and amazing styles, there is no doubt why this car becomes so popular and won SEMA awards. The car was designed by some of the popular talents in the creative fields who successfully managed to show their innovation amazingly. Certainly thumbs up to this fine example of driving.
The focus of SEMA awards was to hunt the creative performances who can work and play with it aftermarket and looking at this car, certainly they have found the right one. However, another great plus point of this car was its updating. The car was upgraded before the launch by completely changing the look and suspension from the scratch and made it better. So grab the opportunity to take up the test drive. Aren’t you tempted?

Jay Leno – Yet Another Driver to Experience Aston Martin CC100 Concept

You must have heard the name of jay leno that is not only a popular host but a great personality who has been ruling the television from a long time. Yet with success of hosting the late night television show, now this great Hollywood action has got even a chance to experience the every new concept of Aston martin CC 100. He is one of those lucky people who got to drive the best yet the coolest automobiles that have been ever created so far.
More about Aston Martin CC100 Concept
To be frank, this intention is one of the best car inventions that have been ever launched in the market. The power and the beauty of the car are speedy and light which go hand in hand. The concept has been designed with so many advanced technologies that would keep your mouth wide open.
Some Cool Features to know
It comes with rakish concept
It is a V12-powered roadster
Manual paddle shift gearbox
Aspirated 6.0-liter tank
Still amazed and not believing that the host has been so lucky? Then you can search around for its video too. The video will certainly prove you how fortunate this host has been to get chance to enjoy the Aston Martin CC100 drive.
Though you might not be so lucky enough to sit on the car like Jay, but yes, thanks to jay, you can see how the baby runs on the road. Catch out the amazing video of the car, in which the hoist is enjoying the drive with some of the amazing features that are mentioned above. With the company of Dr. Ulrich Bez, head of Aston Martin, he seemed to have enjoyed the drive and is hoping to get yet another chance to sit on the car sooner.


Mercedes ML63 AMG Inferno Black – Black, Bold and Beautiful

The typical exteriors inspired from the famous Mercedes Black series but with a bit of superiority added by the black door caps, front wing extension and lip spoiler is the primary description of the all new Mercedes ML63 AMG Inferno Black. It is the successful attempt made at Mercedes by adding the inferno black kit to its popular SUV model. This car has certain smart additions that make it more stylish and trendy. The stunning rear bumper with the rear wing extensions and an additional side skirt makes this fabulous car look sizzling. The beauty can be the main factor for opting for this car but it is not the only factor though. There are many other special additions made to this amazing Mercedes model that makes it different and impressive.
What all can you expect from this new Mercedes addition, let us have a quick look.
This car is no different from the previous SUV ML63 except the color. It is all about making it dark and dashing. The performance would be almost similar with the V-8 engine offered to provide 722 pound-feet and 640 horsepower torque. It is quite better than the original 516 pound-feet and 518 horsepower torque. This all black SUV has three power range models and the highest of all offers 848 pound-feet and 760 horsepower torque. This powerful black SUV is all about the power and style.
This magnificent inferno black kit adds the superb style statement to the traditional Mercedes SUV. The exteriors may look startling with reinforced wheel arches, horizontal DRLs, front bumper with bigger size air vents and rear bumper comes with an integrate air diffuser.
All in all Mercedes ML63 AMG Inferno Black will make your presence felt on the road with its looks, performance and agility.

Acura NSX Car: A New Release

Most of the car lovers wait for the new car to arrive in the market and get their specification in hand. The same is the case with the automakers who wait for the release of their car. Certainly getting the best car in the market and keeping it on the top is one of the biggest challenge that you may come across. However, this challenge is not taken by Acura as they have recently have planning to launched a configurator for their NSX car and make it more upgraded. 2013 Acura NSX Concept
About this Car Concept
In 2011, it was decided by the company that they are soon going to launch a new sports car that would be an environmental friendly too. Keeping this promise, the company launched the Acura NSX in America and Hong Kong which was originally produced in the year 1990-2005. Acura NSX is one of great inventions that has been made by the company so far and have some of the amazing features that would certainly keep your mouth a wide open.
Some of the features to know:
A mid-engine
An all-aluminum V6 gasoline (petrol) engine
acura-nsx-concept-detroitRear-wheel drive layout
Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control
All-wheel drive V6 hybrid powertrain
However, thanks to the advancement in the science and technology, the new car is now available in different colors to make your choice from. The configurator tool which has been launched on Facebook will help you review the concept of NSX in three different angles and have a look at the colors from anywhere in the spectrum of RGB. You can also view the gallery or have a close look at the car.
So grab this amazing opportunity of buying the car of your favorite color and drive it just the way you have been wishing for? Get ready and look for your favorite color.

2015 Ford Mustang Sports Car Unveils With Pony’s New Face

Mustang simply keeps your attitude as well as personality coming with impressive lineup of engines.2015-ford-mustang Have the most blazing and amazing high-speed racing car experience with all-new Ford Mustang car!! In this fast-growing world, people that are actually belonging to influential background with big bank accounts can only be spotted with the best cars. The 2015 Ford Mustang has been snapped on the track with a new face that reveals all new Pony cars’ front end for first time.

The spy images gives you the best look yet of what to expect from production version of new Ford Mustang. This uniquely designed car comes with sport muscular styling, modern headlights as well as new grille in order to keep fords latest design language.

All-New Features of 2015 Ford Mustang:

Legendary 5.0-liter V8 engine2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Media Drive
An aluminium engine block and cold-air induction
Six-speed manual and Select Shift Automatic transmissions
AdvanceTrac Stability Enhancement System
Shelby GT500 with the SVT Track Pack
420 horsepower and 390 lb.-ft. of torque
V6 Performance Package

Showing-Off completely at its best

This pony car was actually seen with few of its covers off which enable photographers to capture great shots of new ‘Stang’s face. But while the rest of 2015 Mustang’s body was actually invisible, the front fascia was totally visible. Now-a-days ford is actually getting inspiration from kind of Evos concept as well as retro lines of 2014 Mustang model. It is clear that pony car’s face seems like a mixture of both. While the 2015 Ford Mustang has been snapped testing on track with new face, it is believed that the vehicle will give high-level of performance with complete stability as well as durability. Recently, the insider has been disclosed that the dimensions of car are going to change drastically.

Red Chrome Mercedes SLS: Viewed in London for the First Time

People belonging to an influential background with big bank accounts can only be spotted in the city of London.  But recently a European super car named Red Chrome Mercedes SLS was spotted in the cultural city. People used to know about Chrome Lamborgini Aventador. But today, something else is discovered.
Car wrapped in red envelope
The spotted variance of Mercedes SLS is wrapped attractively with red color along with the carbon fiber bits. It was viewed to roam around the city of London with its attractive looks. This was the time when Total revs filmed the videos with supercars.
There was a spectacular view of all these chrome super cars up.  Here, you can easily learn about the promotion of chrom car. It is not really strange to view chrome Mercedes. There are also some facts about electric drive in chrome blue.
Hard core ad-on with red rooster
The spectacular variety of red color Mercedes has many features. Some of its features include roof scoop, carbon fiber splitter, etc. Many people can also think this to be the design of MEC. red-chrome-mercedes-slsYou can easily appreciate the looks of this vehicle without actually knowing about its root.
Facts about current Mercedes SLS
The current variant of vehicle is having similarity with GT3 version. Some similarities with E-cell variation are also depicted in this new variation of Mercedes. There is an official announcement of Mercedes SLS to be launched. The vehicle also has some styling clues borrowed from GT3 version. You can also have a look at the black series of the vehicle with a variety of new features like carbon fiber elements, exhaust system made up of titanium, etc. The varieties of vehicles are also really light. You can also get improved engine under the hood of the vehicle. The back series of the vehicle is 154 pound lighter.

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